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"Three Decades of PV Experience, Reliability and Energy Production Results"

Designing and Installing PV for the National Electric Code, (NEC) usually results in SubPrime PV. We Can ALL Do Much Better!

Although these cable present a safety issue, the NEC allows these USE-2 Cables to be exposed to the sun. The result for this is a system with performance issues that effect output, has reliability implications and shortens the life of the cable insulation which will be a maintenance issue. For any level of real performance you must exceed existing Codes.
National Electric Code is not always enough!
Courtesy of PerfectPower Inc. and the Energy Doctor LLC
The National Code is not for designing reliability or performance into a system. It is only electrical safety. For high value, high performance PV system design and installation you absolutely have to exceed Code to achieve that goal.
The introduction to the 2011 NEC code clearly states:

NEC 2011, ARTICLE 90, Introduction

90.1 Purpose.

(A) Practical Safeguarding. The purpose of this Code is the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity.

(B) Adequacy. This Code contains provisions that are considered necessary for safety. Compliance therewith and proper maintenance results in an installation that is essentially free from hazard but not necessarily efficient, convenient, or adequate for good service or future expansion of electrical use.

Informational Note: Hazards often occur because of overloading of wiring systems by methods or usage not in conformity with this Code. This occurs because initial wiring did not provide for increases in the use of electricity. An initial adequate installation and reasonable provisions for system changes provide for future increases in the use of electricity.

C) Intention. This Code is not intended as a design specification or an instruction manual for untrained persons.

The reality is, if you are designing and installing to National Code, you are doing the absolute minimum required.

Some companies are proud of meeting that minimum legal level of work and skill. Yet, once the see that code design is on the wrong path, they tend to want to do more and achieve more.

You can not design a moderate to high performance PV system by designing to the Code. You have to design beyond the existing and future electrical and building codes to get real long term performance and value out of a PV system. If a company designs to Code and goes no further, they will never master the art or science of PV. In effect, they are cheating themselves and / or their customer.

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