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"Three Decades of PV Experience, Reliability and Energy Production Results"

What does this “Award Winning” really mean?

PerfectPower Inc. becomes first solar company to win the BBB Ethics in Business Award 2007
PerfectPower Inc. becomes first solar company to
win the BBB Ethics in Business Award 2007

Courtesy of PerfectPower Inc. and the Energy Doctor LLC
Until recently, PV was almost always an afterthought on project design and installation. With some of the creative and beautiful work being done in Asia and Europe, PerfectPower had the opportunity to design and install some of the most intriguing PV systems in the Southwest. This often added to the aesthetic or environmental value of a project where the projects received recognition that otherwise might not have taken place.

  1. Awards are the recognitions about someone or some organization outside your company determining that you have done something worth notice, have excelled in your industry, or that you have provided some form of industry or at least community leadership and value.
  2. High Performance PV is all about producing more usable kilowatt hours per dollar spent over time. It is the true value of what your PV system really does and differentiates between the least cost SubPrime PV system mentality. These decisions and actions result in your saving or making more energy dollars for each dollar invested. That is real value not just marketing hype!

The PV industry needs to begin to provide additional energy, systems design and installations awards and leadership which will draw attention to PV’s financial, community and aesthetic value. There is a lot of good work taking palace that is mostly unrecognized or noticed.

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