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"Three Decades of PV Experience, Reliability and Energy Production Results"

The Solar Boom Becomes The Solar Bust

Charles Darwin Station, Galapagos Islands
Charles Darwin Station,
Galapagos Island

Courtesy of PerfectPower Inc. and
the Energy Doctor LLC
During the 1970 and until the mid 1980’s, The Energy Doctor was successful in consulting, writing, design and installation of many forms of solar products and passive solar designs.

After the Tax credits ended in the early 1980’s, The Energy Doctor continued to support existing customers, provide ongoing maintenance and warranty service, and repair systems for both The Energy Doctor and other customers who’s companies when out of business. John wrote an Energy Doctor column for 5 newspapers and worked mostly in the transportation, renewable and energy industries.

During the 1980’s and into the 1990’s, after the first Solar Energy Bust, work in the solar industry was scarce. “Solar projects were few and far between. There were years where I provided design and consulting services for next to nothing. However, because of my solar addiction, little bits and pieces of work especially in PV, energy conservation, recycling and other related areas made their way into projects.”

Charles Darwin Station, Galapagos Islands
The First Solar Bust was the result of a lack of training,
knowledge and ability to educate people about the basics.
This PV system is on a tropical/semi tropical island. By
ignoring the maintenance, the system performance suffers
while the Darwin Research Station most likely thinks the
rain will wash the panels clean. Maintenance is always
critical, especially preventive maintenance.

Courtesy of PerfectPower Inc. and the Energy Doctor LLC

Continuing his education and providing solar thermal and PV consulting services and systems was supported by other work including working in the Magnetic Levitation Transportation field.  This was with the German high tech magnetic levitation technology.

In 1988 he worked for Magnetic Transit of America, a subsidiary of Daimler Benz. When the Berlin Wall went down three years later and many German companies reduced their US presences, he was awarded a severance package that paid for his PhD. in Management at AWU.

Fast forward to the late 1990’s.

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