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"Three Decades of PV Experience, Reliability and Energy Production Results"

Preparation For Solar Boom II, PerfectPower Inc.

Although starting from humble beginnings, when Lynn Paige came to partner with Dr. Balfour as an Owner of PerfectPower, they built an award winning solar company that continues to deliver some of the highest performing systems in the world.
Building an Award Winning Solar Company
Courtesy of PerfectPower Inc. and the Energy Doctor LLC
John R. Balfour, now with a Master’s degree in Solar and a PhD in Management, had continued to work to help incrementally improve the solar thermal and PV industry. He could see the coming of the new PV grid tied PV market and did two things.

First, he began taking post graduate PV classes from Bob Hammond, founder of the Arizona State University East (presently the ASU Polytechnic), Photovoltaic Test Lab (PTL), now the TUV Rheinland PTL.

In 1998 he founded an offshoot of The Energy Doctor a new PV and energy products and systems company, PerfectPower Inc.

Battery Back up System
Battery Back up System
Courtesy of PerfectPower Inc. and the Energy Doctor LLC

Having completed grad school with Bob, there was the added pressure of making sure that he did not disappoint his grad school friend and mentor.

He took the classes as a challenge and as a way to enhance his skill level and knowledge in the quickly evolving world of PV. As an added benefit, Bob used John’s, now Dr. Balfour’s consulting skills and experience over three years at the lab which added to John’s growing knowledge of the technology, including how equipment was designed, tested, certified and integrated into working systems.

In 1998, as Dr. Balfour launched PerfectPower Inc, he focused primarily on the grid tied market although the company was purposely diversified.

PerfectPower had three primary functions:

Since then, under Dr. Balfour’s guidance PerfectPower has become:

Lynn Paige, CEO, PerfectPower Inc. - Managing a business for long term profit and growth are rare in the PV industry.
Lynn Paige, CEO, PerfectPower Inc.
Courtesy of PerfectPower Inc. and the Energy Doctor LLC

There is a little more to the story of course…

In 2005, Dr. Balfour was fortunate enough to team up with Lynn Paige who became CEO of PerfectPower and a co-owner. With Dr. Balfour’s experience as a seasoned solar professional and Lynn Paige’s vast business experience, PerfectPower because what it is today.

PerfectPower has been an effective integrator through all of the changes and turmoil of the PV industry. Lynn Paige has navigated PerfectPower through times of product shortage, market gluts, a lack of industry financing and has continued to keep PerfectPower on course while many in the industry falter.

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