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"Three Decades of PV Experience, Reliability and Energy Production Results"

Solar Panel
Total Transit, Glendale Arizona
Courtesy of PerfectPower Inc. and the Energy Doctor LLC
High Performance PV was developed over 35 years to solve some of the most basic and critical challenges in the PV industry related to the system design, installation, operation and maintenance.

HPPV has a gathered a selective group of exceptionally motivated and skilled PV professionals who are continually educating themselves, focused on being the best at what they do, actively raising the industry bar for services and participating in a continual learning process. 

We also have a developing apprentice program designed to educate and train the future PV industry professionals to meet the highest possible standards in the industry. We believe that professionalism is a continuing knowledge and skill development career path.

Solar Panel
DL Sales, Phoenix, Arizona
Courtesy of PerfectPower Inc. and
the Energy Doctor LLC

Our Commercial industrial and residential PV Services include:

Pre-Installation Consulting

  1. System Viability Analysis (SVA) for “Project Go, No Go” determination,
  2. System design and installation specifications for High Performance PV industrial, commercial, governmental or residential projects,
  3. Site, equipment and component, plans, and proposal analysis,
  4. Total system design (sealed and unsealed),
  5. System and Performance Modeling,
  6. Financial analysis to determine Project Viability, Payback / ROI / IRR,
  7. Permitting and entitlements services,
  8. Utility negotiating and paperwork submission, rebate reservations and grid intertie connection agreements,
  9. Standards development, interpretation and evaluation,
  10. Design/Installation Coordination and Project Management,
  11. Creation and documentation of installed system baseline metrics for PV system testing, O&M and system lifetime reporting.

System Analysis and Trouble Shooting

  1. Site, equipment and component and plans analysis,
  2. Proposal Analysis,
  3. Forensic Professional Services: Analysis of components, failures, system performance, and expert witness services for deposition and testimony, insurance claims and due diligence investigation and reporting.
  4. Industrial, commercial, governmental and residential repairs/modifications.

Post Installation Services

  1. Monitoring: Installation of monitoring packages, monitoring continuity, contracted weekly or monthly system monitoring,
  2. System reporting,
  3. Repairs & Maintenance (By licensed, insured & bonded contractors),
  4. Commissioning for PV system owners, integrators, manufacturers, general contractors, engineering design firms, architects and LEED Certification.